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I get together with business associates every few weeks for coffee or lunch. We share tips how to get interviews, negotiate salaries, industry news and so on. While meeting recently, the topic of attracting more visitors to a blog came up. Keywords, content, SEO formatting all being done.  I recommended keeping content updated with fresh content should get better search placement. We all agreed that blogs with fresh and topical content are also great for promoting our services.

So I thought about this for a moment and decided I didn't want to put yet another blog online with a dozen updates before I get occupied with bigger projects and the blog goes stale. What I would set up is a blog that pulls fresh news from several sources, with attribution and links back to the original site.

And so a blog was born. The topical will be related to my career, product. Traffic started out slowly at first, then suddenly spiked when I put a note about it on LinkedIn.  Over the past several months traffic stayed pretty steady (not quite thousands of visitors a day, but I'm happy when my little blog averages 80 to 100 daily visitors).

The Product Management blog is a self maintaining resource that aggregates industry news for product professionals offering fresh content, continually updated.

What surprised me most is the contacts made here!  Industry professionals looking to fill a position, many former coworkers and job recruiters all visit this product blog and reach out to me, some to set up job interviews, others just to say hey.  I'm seeing as much response from this blog as from Indeed and LinkedIn.


Steve Apple is a solutions-oriented digital product professional with a diverse media background.

As a Business Analyst, Steve implements custom publishing features for content management systems at top media entertainment brands working in a collaborative effort of self-organizing, cross-functional Agile teams.

Steve elicits, specifies, verifies and manages needs of products over the software development life cycle.

Steve is known for innovative solutions, efficiency and a great personality, all resulting in happy users.  Rounding out his skills, Steve is also a professional video editor, and applies his editing background to create instructional videos when new product features are launched.


  • Agile Methodology
  • Drupal
  • Rally
  • Requirements Gathering 
  • Writing User Stories
  • Editorial Experience
  • Product Management
  • End User Documentation
  • Training
  • Video Editing
  • Photoshop
  • WordPress
  • HTML

Steve is available for Full-Time or Contract-to-Perm work. Contact Steve for more information.

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